What Is the Difference Between Style and Fashion?

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Style and fashion, often considered synonyms, when they’re really not.

It is not uncommon to hear people speak of these terms as though they were interchangeable. On the surface, they may seem to share similarities, but you’ll learn what is it that sets one apart from the other.

Not only are we going to discuss about what is the difference between style and fashion, but we’re also going to talk about how, as a gentleman, you can use one of these to your advantage.

Fashion Is All But You – Labeling Yourself

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It is very important to know what is the difference between style and fashion. Fashion sets its basis on what’s trending at the moment. Trends and fashion always go hand-to-hand, one feeds from the other. Every time you go out you see at least one form of fashion advertisement. You see these in stores, street banners, movie theaters, and even in public restrooms. How intrusive! They’re’re all over the place because they want to drag you along. Fashion cares for what’s ‘in’ at the time.

It can be seen in many ways, shapes and forms. Fashion can be subtle, or it can be exaggerated; it can also be prudent, or it can be careless. Fashion is expensive, however, there are also affordable fashion alternatives. But I’d say it’s mainly expensive. Not necessarily because a single article might be overly priced, but because fashion can be an addiction to some people, and this is bad news for the wallet.

You see fashion in clothes, mostly, but it also manifests itself in many other ways. Take cellphones as an example; people just want to have the latest one out there (not to forget that it’s usually of the most expensive ones, too). Then, cases are needed for their protection, and prices range from really cheap to really expensive.

Fashion is about imitating, it’s all about imitating what’s been accounted fashionable.

Style Is All About You – Finding Yourself

Now we have style, on the other hand, quite a divergence from fashion.


When fashion is about what’s around you, in comes style, which is about yourself, your emotions and your personality. Their focal point is to express how you feel through what you wear.

Style is more mature, in a sense that it doesn’t focus on attention-grabbing. It is a statement, a declaration of who you are. But most importantly, it is about finding yourself.

This is what I like the most about style, you do things your own way, you add your personal touch to it. Style is unique because you are unique. Style is to being the voice, whereas fashion is to being an echo.

These are some of the perks of being a stylish gentleman:

  • You will become better at communicating who you are
  • You will gain a tremendous confidence boost
  • You will make smarter buying decisions (see article: Strategies to Saving Money – Making Smart Decisions)
  • You will become happier
  • You will become more respectable
  • You will be seen as a responsible person

If you’re still asking yourself what is the difference between style and fashion, things will get more evident ahead.

Style vs. Fashion – They’re Dynamics

TimeFashion is at constant change, it’s hard for people to keep up with it all the time, especially because fashion trends don’t come out one at a time, there are multiple of them at the same time. Some kinds of fashion aren’t even applicable, given how extravagant they are.

With every new magazine comes a new fashion trend. There are runways going on all around the world, each presenting new fashion ideas. Just thinking about all the fashion ‘statements’ out there and the ones yet to emerge is exhausting.

Style is timeless, it changes as you do.

When you think about style, you feel more at ease. Style is different because it’s not a race, you decide what direction your style will follow and how fast or slow it’ll change. Your style grows as you do. You find new ways of expression through clothes or accessories, through your choice of words or your haircut, through your actions and thoughts.

Finding your own sense of style helps you grow as a person because it is a process of discovering yourself and defining who you are. Your sense of self should always be one step ahead of your sense of style, as you need to understand who you are first, and then learn how to translate it into actions.

What’s really cool about style is that you can always count on classics. You can never go wrong trying to express your emotions and personality through a classic look, while still being unique.

There’s More to Style Than What You Wear

Stylish ShoesYour style should not meet its end in what you’re wearing now. A huge deal of what your style really is comes from your actions. This is one major factor that sets style apart from any form of fashion. As a gentleman, you are perceived as a virtuous person, someone respectable, honest, trustworthy, and of good manners. These are all small elements of a whole.

A stylish person will deviate their attention from what’s fashionable now and concentrate more on the fit of their clothes, for example. This is another way in which you can differentiate style from fashion. There is no need for words in order to communicate.

A Sense of Personality

To me, the most important aspect that makes the difference between the two is having the ability to develop a sense of personality through style and learn more about yourself. Style is a form identification. You can’t experience to the same extent through fashion because it focuses more on imposing a way of thinking over people. Fashion is geared toward the masses, and it remains changing consistently; style is about the harmony between your inner self and your exterior.

So, let me ask you this: To you, what is the difference between style and fashion?

I would love to read your opinions!


12 thoughts on “What Is the Difference Between Style and Fashion?

  1. Tricia Reply

    This is a wonderful explanation. I haven’t really put much thought into it but what you say makes total sense and gave me much to think about. I hope this helps others too.

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      Thank you, Tricia. It makes me happy that you’ve found this helpful!

  2. Nick Reply

    Very cool article about style. It’s all about personal preference. Some people follow trends and some people set them! Great article bud! I’ll definitely stop by again soon!

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      I appreciate it, Nick! Yes, it should be all about your very own style. We’re talking about your own personality, after all.
      I’ll be looking forward to seeing you around.

  3. Hadas Ohayon Reply

    Great article! Although I’m a lady I found it fascinating. To me the difference is self-expression, Fashion is for others to do for you, style is for you to do for yourself.

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      I’m glad you’ve found this helpful, Hadas. You’re totally right, style is about how you’ll decide to express your emotions, your identity. There is a hint of who you are in what you wear.

  4. oska Reply

    Hi, Andrew,
    I love this article on style and fashion. Personally I like coming out stylish with whatever fashion is trending. There are some fashion trends that are not for me because its not my style.

    I have seen many a times people chasing fashion trends only to some out looking confused. There is a big price to pay in being fashionable in terms of your budget, your career, your clique, your beliefs,etc. As you have said it, style comes down to your personality and identity.

    Best Regards,

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      Hello, Oscar, I can easily agree with you on this. Personally, I’ve hardly ever been someone to follow trends. I’ve always been more inclined towards doing what I feel is right for myself.

      Plus, yeah, following trends is an expensive way of living. Trends come and go so fast; while style, on the other hand, follows you instead.

  5. Carol Snooks Reply

    What you say is true and I must admit I have never looked at it quite that way before. However, having read the article I can see where I fit in. I have never followed fashion – I have my own style and my kids can look at clothes and say – that looks like Mom, or that is something that Mom would wear. When people get older they tend to go for more subdued colours however I am just the opposite, I startle people by wearing purple leggings, or bright green, or lipstick pink which causes a bit of a stir when others of the same age are wearing dull colours. But I am not going to be intimidated by others views and so I recognise, from your article, that I have my own style. Thank you for such an insight

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      I am proud of you, Carol, for listening to your heart and not being afraid of public opinion. You have your own style and you should feel proud of yourself, too, for acknowledging it!

      I am glad that you’ve found my article helpful.

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      I am glad that you like it, Angelina. Thank you for stopping by, and have an amazing day!

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