Style Ideas for Men – Quick Style Fix-Ups

Quick Style Fix-Up

Sometimes, all it takes to make your attire look more polished than ever – thus making you look sexier – are a couple of tweaks here and there. If you’ve ever struggled trying to come up with ideas to achieve a well-put together outfit, here are some style ideas for men that are going to help you accomplish exactly that in a matter of minutes!

I have faced this situation many times in the past, and still do from time to time, but I’ve learned some valuable tips and tricks that have helped me overcome such circumstances. And what’s better, every time I win one of these small battles I get a huge confidence boost that lasts me for the rest of the day.

Let Your Arms Breathe! – A Little Exposure Won’t Do Harm

Rolled-Up SleeveIn the past, I didn’t like wearing t-shirts so much, I used to find them too plain and boring. However, in recent years, I’ve learned to love them, and so should you. They’re a classic, meaning they never go out of style! This relatively new-found love for t-shirts is all thanks to a very simple trick I learned not too long ago. All you have to do is cuff them once or twice. The idea here is to expose your arms more, especially the triceps. Your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm. When you elevate the t-shirt sleeves you make your arms seem thicker, and this creates the illusion of having bigger arms. This will also make your shirt fit your body better.

You can see why I love wearing t-shirts more often now.

Now, another one of my favorite types of shirts is the button-down; I wear them on a casual basis, and the following is a trick I employ all the time: expose the forearms. Studies about what parts of the male body other people find most attractive indicate that the forearms are one of the top of the list. Part of the theory behind this is that it makes your forearms look more veiny, which gives you a more masculine, muscular and vigorous look.

The Code, Cracked: Classic = Timeless

The BasicsExperience taught me to refrain from buying trendy clothes before even understanding the basics. In a nutshell, you should start by owning the essentials before going complex.

A good starting point is the neutral palette such as shades of blacks, whites, grays, and tans. These are colors fairly easy to combine and there is no debating how classic they are. You can come up with tons of outfit ideas with these alone. Start investing your money on pieces that will never go out of style before spending it on articles trending now. This will definitely make you look sexier, and it’ll help you save your precious money in the long run, too.

Start building your wardrobe as you would your home. You need a strong, solid foundation before you put up the walls. So, this same logic applies to your closet, and is one of the best style ideas for men I can suggest. This will ensure you’ll look more stylish more often, if not daily.

Wearing the Pants in the Relationship – The Right Way

This is a style tip I must attribute to a person very near and dear to me. During my adolescent age, I fought hard battles against my pants trying to prevent my socks from showing. For some reason, I disliked the idea of my socks peeking through. So, my way to fix this was letting a good amount of fabric cover them up down there. All of my pants and jeans were baggy around the ankles. I really thought that was a cool look. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Very frequently I was told how ugly that looked, but I wouldn’t listen – huge mistake on my part. Eventually, and after so much persistence, I learned to correct myself, and I am so grateful for it today.

There are several ways to go about this. For example, you can cuff your pants, and this can be done either inwards or outwards. This is a quick style fix that will take next to no time to get done, and the outcome is a more sophisticated, polished look. Personally, I prefer the inwards cuff, as I like to go for a more homogeneous look with my pants.

If you want to take it even further, the little extra effort of ironing the fold will give it a better finish.

Another equally important aspect to keep in mind is the overall fit of your pants. There is a noticeable difference between skinny and slim fit. A pair of skinny-fit jeans, for instance, will feel tight around pretty much everywhere from the waist to the ankles. Slim fits, on the other hand, will just hug you in the right places. The latter ones go for a more tailored look. Try fitting your hand inside your front pocket. If you fail or struggle to succeed, they’re definitely too tight!

Tuck Incorrectly, or Tuck in Correctly?

Tucked InDon’t you hate it when you wear a dress shirt and tucking it in makes you look like a muffin? I certainly do. One of the best ways to avoid this from happening is by doing the military tuck. When your shirt is all buttoned up, leave your pants unbuttoned; you’ll see the shirt’s excess fabric to each of your sides, pinch them and fold them back as you tuck in. Once you button or zip up your pants, you should be looking at a smooth and flat shirt in the mirror.

When I tuck in a shirt I want it to remain inside my pants, and the best way to lock it in is by using shirttail garters, or shirt-stays. Your shirt won’t go anywhere with one of these, guaranteed! Investing in a good pair of shirttail garters is an excellent idea.

Pretty Quick, Huh?

When was looking sexier made so easy for everyone? Isn’t it amazing how quick and easy it is to fix your outfit to give you a more polished look? These quick style ideas for men will help you look your best with minimal time and effort.

They have saved my days in endless occasions in the past, and I know they will continue to do so in the future. Now, be my guest, try some of these style ideas for men I’ve put up for you and start feeling better about yourself!

Let me know down below, which one has been your favorite? Do you have more ideas? I’m eager to read your thoughts!


10 thoughts on “Style Ideas for Men – Quick Style Fix-Ups

  1. Brandi Gray Reply

    This is such a great article. I will definitely refer my husband to your site. I love the T-shirt and button down tips on how to make the guy look more masculine.

    Yikes, I know exactly what you mean about the pants being baggy around the ankles. When my husband and I were just dating, he used to wear his jeans that way. It wasn’t long before I schooled him on how it was supposed to be done. Lol.

    Thanks for this, I really enjoyed reading it!

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      Great to hear this, Brandi. I hope your husband enjoys it as well.
      I know exactly what you mean! LoL. You did the right thing, good call.

      I’m glad I eventually moved past that phase. It’s funny looking back to it now, though.

  2. Stratos Reply

    Clothes is something that most people don’t even pay attention. I like the suggestions given here as I will be honest to tell you the truth that I also don’t pay attention to my clothing. I am definitely going to follow some of your advises. Thanks a lot!

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      Yes, it’s easy to take clothes for granted, it’s part of our daily routine, which is, in my opinion, more of a reason for us to pay more attention to it. I am glad you’ve found this helpful! And thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

  3. Dany Reply

    I enjoyed the article a lot. As you mentioned the classic style is always in vogue 🙂 And it’s just so easy to match the clothes between creating a new an fresh look every day.
    Waiting for more informative articles.

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      You can be as creative as you want with your clothes. Dany, it’s fun and you get to feel great about yourself as a result. I hope to see you around soon! Have a great day.

  4. ecocatherine Reply

    These are some really good points. I think I will be sharing this with my partner. I especially like the bit about the military tuck. This is something that frustrates him. All the very best and thank you so much for sharing.

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      I can relate to him, Catherine, I’ve struggled with tucking my shirts in before, and this little trick has done wonders for me in multiple occasions. It is definitely a must-try! I hope it helps.

  5. Davona Reply

    These are some great tips. My husband loves to dress especially in suits because his day job as a train inspector leaves him dirty and in scrubby clothes. So he would love these tips. One thing he does is wear a short sleeved tshirt under his dress shirt so that his deess shirt doesn’t get stained with sweat and deodorant. Love this article!

    • Andrew Post authorReply

      Thanks, Davona, I am happy you’ve liked them. Also, I’m glad that you’ve mentioned wearing a shirt under a dress shirt, I am planning on writing about that in the near future. Stay tunned! Have a great day.

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