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Hello, everyone, welcome to Gentlemen’s Art of Style, my website. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been self-conscious about my personal appearance (maybe a little too much sometimes).

What I decide I’ll wear has a huge impact on how I’ll feel throughout the rest of the day. You know what they say – “If you look good, you feel good”.

I’ve always liked to explore new ideas and create new things, which are behaviors that usually lead me to stray away from most trends. This has been the way I’ve done things pretty much since I was a kid.


Up until around when I was a six or seven-year-old boy, my mother would always have me and my two-years-younger brother in matching outfits (I guess this still is a very common practice). Back then, I really didn’t think much of it, as I was too busy driving my toy cars around, simulating fight scenes with my action figures, or playing video-games with my brother.

In the coming years, I would start to pay more attention to the kinds of clothes my parents would get me. I started to understand a little more about how colors work, how to combine them to create cooler-looking outfits…or so I thought. And, oh boy, was I so convinced I was doing it right.

One of my most memorable moments is when I decided it was a good idea to go to school wearing a pair of black, baggy cargo pants (because I loved having as many pockets on me as possible, for some reason) along with a blue t-shirt, an unzipped orange jacket, and a pair of white kicks.

I said I was starting to understand how to combine colors at that age, but rather seems like I was more into throwing in a bunch of bright-colored tops and dark bottoms in order to “undertone” my outfits.

Having to wear uniforms at school was a relief for the great majority of the students, me not included. I guess I understand their point of view: Not having to worry about what to wear the next day.

Fortunately, for me, we had some days when we were allowed to leave the uniform at home and wear “normal” clothes to school. However, these were only on special occasions and would’t happen very often. We called them “Color Days”.

Every time we got an announcement that we would have a Color Day soon, I would be looking forward to it all week-long.

A few years later, I discovered the amazing world of layering. This is yet another one of my hard-to-forget phases I went through.

Man, was I hot, literally. I clearly remember this one time when I put on an unbuttoned flannel on top of a polo on top of a t-shirt. Just imagine what it felt like wearing all that during mid summer. At least I had gotten better at my color combination game by that point.

Eventually, I grew out of those “trends”, if you wish, that I had created for my own entertainment.

Nonetheless, as ridiculous as I now think I must’ve looked back then, I felt great about myself, for sure! I felt so confident, and that feeling lasted for days.


The saying never gets old, and I am a firm advocate of the greater message behind it.

You see, the decisions we make in life are what shape who we are, and deciding what you want to look like doesn’t fall behind.

Think about it. We do this every single day. It has become our ritual. You get up in the morning and get ready for the day. But what does “getting ready” implicate? Well, you have to choose what you’re going to wear that day, and you certainly want to start off with a positive energy, feeling fresh and confident; and knowing that you look good has a lot to do with it.

When you feel good, you perform even better, and this translates into greater results, which in turn will drive you to live a happier life.


Simply put, don’t be afraid to look in the mirror. Here, I don’t only want to help you know how good-looking you are and how even better you can look, but also help you acknowledge your handsomeness, how sexy (you should start using this word more often, especially to describe yourself) you are; and, ultimately, how undeniably better you will feel about yourself.

I want you to experience the same or an even better confidence boost than the one I did growing up going through those phases; and I still get those feelings, except, my taste has now matured quite a lot since then.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Best wishes,

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